About Us


We are the first students’ venture prize in Nigeria, serving as a tested model for entrepreneurship education and empowerment in Africa. We bring all universities in Nigeria together. The Nigerian Student Venture Prize (NSVP) works to promote and showcase unique business ideas and entrepreneurship among university students, as well as to help eliminate the gap between the academic world and the business community.
The NSVP is designed to empower the most advanced entrepreneurial ventures by Nigerian undergraduate students. It supports individual or group of students who have identified a problem, discovered significant opportunities to profer solutions and whose ventures have the potential to create “impact at scale”.
The prize is agnostic with respect to what sectors or industries ventures are working in, or even whether they are commercial, social, or have blended approaches. The essential thing is that a student/group of students (max team no. 4) has identified an opportunity or challenge and is thinking big about how to solve it.

Guiding startups on their way towards creating a better tomorrow
Our Mission

The Nigerian Student Venture Prize’s mission is to support university students in their entrepreneurial journey and to promote entrepreneurship in Nigeria. We do this through offering mentoring, feedback, exposure, and much more, in order to help university students launch or scale their startups.
Our team is passionate about helping to foster entrepreneurship and we aspire to inspire. It doesn't matter if you just have an idea, you have an established startup, or an industry expert, there is always room for you in the NSVP family.


The NSVP is a melting point for the actualization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Directly we cater to

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Goal 1

No poverty
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Goal 4

Quality Education
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Goal 8

Decent Work & Economic Growth
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Goal 9

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

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Goal 12

Responsible Consumption & Production

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Goal 17

Partnerships to achieve the goals - In partnership with our different ventures with solutions for varied sectors, we drive the process of achieving the goals.
Our Entrepreneurs

Our entrepreneurs are full-time undergraduate and graduate students of Nigerian public and private universities identified by the National Universities Commission (NUC) and their individual universities.

How it works

The NSVP PROCESS – A new model of Entrepreneurial Education

Participating Universities so far