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We specialize in accounting, tax and legal advice as well as corporate finance. For each of these fields, we have passionate in-house experts, who work tirelessly to stay on the cutting edge. We approach every problem from multiple angles.

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In case you wish to improve financial planning for your company, we are happy to provide you with several options to get started right away. Our experts will assist with the selection of the best plan and strategy for your specific business.

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Guidance: Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom

Immediately identifying a problem and fixing it is our main goal. We strive for excellence at every step of the financial planning process and stay ahead of the game. This dedication is the price of success.

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I must say a big thank you to Edugist for this opportunity. The days at the boot camp were indeed awesome. Met great and innovative undergraduates, learned a lot about business startup and development, improved my communication, presentation, listening and speaking skills. For the first time; I was at the city of Calabar, I spoke on radio to the people of Calabar, I had the opportunity of meeting the commissioner for trade and eCommerce, Calabar. And these were all because of Edugist and APP Student Venture.

Emmanuel Uchechukwu Godwin

Emmanuel Uchechukwu Godwin

Federal University of Technology, Owerri, FUTO | Green Energy Soluz (GES)

In one word ‘‘mind-blowing’’. My experience was far beyond mind-blowing, eye-opening and enlightening. The classes were filled with a lot of premium content and business facts, tailored to put a young student entrepreneur on the right track for success. Beyond the knowledge and my amazing time with other young Rockstar finalists, Calabar was a wonderful play to stay for a week. It’s a peaceful and neat environment. And I would love to visit again to enjoy the richness of her culture and people. On behalf of my team back in OAU, we say a very big thank you to the event sponsors and partners; APP Ventures, Windsworth Hostel and Edugist for the opportunity not just to have a dream but be able to execute it.

Oke Princewill

Oke Princewill

NextHandle | Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU)

It was very wonderful to have met like-minded entrepreneurs with different, superb ideas coming from different parts of Nigeria. I have always looked forward to meeting people with different cultural backgrounds and I must say that the Edugist team are wonderful. I had fun during the aerobics session! I want to appreciate the APP Student Venture Prize.“

Mohammed Habibu

Mohammed Habibu

University of Maiduguri | eTrash2Cash
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Skilled specialists will help you manage any issue in no time.

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Expert assistance and fast solutions for your new company.

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Joba Oloba

Lawyer, Co-Founder, Nest Innovation Park

Ike Chioke

Group Managing Director, AfriInvest

Oguche Agudah

CEO, PenOp

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