Africa plus Partners, in partnership with Edugist, in our quest to change the education narrative put together the first student venture prize in Nigeria, Nigeria Student Venture Prize.

The Nigeria Student Venture Prize is designed to empower advanced entrepreneurial ventures by Nigerian undergraduate students. Students whose ventures have identified a significant opportunity with potentials to provide solutions, equip them with the necessary skills and fund to help them accelerate and scale those solutions.

The competition which lasted for 6 weeks between October and November, 2019. Thirteen finalists from a pool of over 3000 applicants across the country were selected to participate in one-week bootcamp training. The training took place in Calabar from December 9th to 14th, 2019. The bootcamp session was the final round of the competition.

The finalists were exposed to series of business trainings and activities. After which they pitched their ideas for the grand prize on the 14th of December, 2019.

Meet the winners:

The Second Runner-up

Peter Abosede

Federal University of Agriculture, Akure

Business Idea: Remopond

RemoPond is a sustainable idea that seeks not to replace the conventional tank fish farming but to reach beyond its limitations through technological innovation. RemoPond bridges the gap by offering an innovative solution using Internet of Things (IOT), an automated fish feeding system, an automated water change system and a combination of Sensors and Webcams to monitor environmental conditions as well as keep an eye on the pond, all of which is integrated on a web platform, giving the user a full-fledged control of the Pond from anywhere. You can read more about Remopond here

The First Runner-up

Oke Princewill Omoyemi

Obafemi Awolowo University

Business Idea: NextHandle

Nexthandle uses the power of Artificial Intelligence combined with its unique business models to provide solutions to the way pre-owned gadgets(mobile devices) are being sold and bought in Africa. It has introduced valued added services to make its platform the one stop platform for all mobile needs. Nexthandle sources for devices from various channels including e-commerce returns, factory seconds from Original Equipment Manufacturers, partner companies and premium used devices from people. Read more about Nexthandle here.

The Grand prize Winner

Uchechukwu Emmanuel

Federal University of Technology

Business Idea: Green Energy Soluz (GES)

Green Energy Soluz believes that the dumping and littering of plastic waste in our environment specifically in Nigeria has drastically degraded sea life and has caused increased pollution thereby leading to discomfort in the existence of mankind and sea life. So, to solve the problem,  GES innovatively applied technologically oriented solutions. GES deals with the recycling of plastic waste to usable products (e.g crude, diesel, etc). GES adopts a high technology in the production of dissolvable plastics (plastics that dissolve in water with no harmful effect) to reduce the environmental pollution and restore sea life in Nigeria and Africa at large. Read more about GES here

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